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Join a growing number of people who choose to diversify their financial assets by investing in cryptocurrency trading.  Cryptocurrencies resemble precious metals – commodities which gain value as time passes by.
  • Get access to a team of experienced international cryptocurrency traders

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CryptoCurrencies are Shaping a New Financial Reality

Aristotle came up with the four criteria that helped dictate what’s “good money”: durability, portability, divisibility and intrinsic value – gold.  As economies grew, and the demand for a medium of exchange increased did sovereign governments create what is known today as fiat currency.

It all changed in 2008 when BTC Bitcoin was introduced to the world – a new type of money.  An asset which required no bank or government.  Today, private individuals, institutions and governments alike, trade and save in this new value.  Change is upon us – science fiction, is now reality.

The ICO crackdown was only a market entry.  Enter before regulate.  Governments will eventually regulate cryptocurrencies which means classifying them as an asset.  Life is becoming ever so digitized, and time is of the essence, register to the webinar or open an account now.

Cryptocurrency and gold allow us to maintain stable returns. In today’s world, value is belief, and people believe in the liberalization of finance.

CryptoCurrencies are Faster, Cheaper, Capped & Public

Crypto currencies are entries in decentralized consensus-databases. Most crypto currencies share common sets of properties. Transactions are irreversible, secure, faster, unregulated and some entirely anonymous.

Users can store money without the need for banks.  Cryptos run on a distributed public ledger called blockchain, which is a record of all transactions updated and held by currency holders.

  • Faster Payments

Banks use middlemen and can take as much as 5 days to transfer money globally. Cryptocurrency is digital and can take up to a few hours.
  • No Middlemen

As previously stated, banks use middlemen. Each time you send money there is a commission, at each step. Not with cryptocurrency.

  • Wealth Distribution

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and revamp all existing financial frameworks. It’s the dawn of new money – a new currency, cryptocurrency.

Our Future is in Our hands and it Starts Here, Together

Webinar on Managed CryptoCurrency Accounts

2018/09/07 19:30:00


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    Understanding the CryptoCurrency Investment

As far as understanding the asset itself – cryptocurrencies are encrypted decentralized digital currencies.  This type of money is not tangible and exist only in electronic form.

The promise of these tokens are a non-manipulable world currency.  Crypto advocates see a future in which Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies substitute traditional money.

Investing in cryptocurrency is a good way of hedging your net-worth against the fall of the fiat currency imperium.  The monetary revolution has begun, it’s a matter of time.

This is no normal investment.  The volatility exceeds any other investment class.  This is high-risk huge-reward.  It’s the certainty of the uncertainty of the financial markets.

See the future in cryptocurrency
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    Meeting Your CryptoCurrency Money Managers

The original way to trade cryptocurrencies was to set up an electronic wallet and trade on a live crypto exchange (marketplace) like Bitstamp, Bithumb, Bittrex or Kraken.

The new and pioneering way is to trade cryptocurrencies via CFD’s from trusted regulated brokers such as avatrade and thinkmarkets with 1:20 leverage, everyday of the week.

Capital preservation is atop our investment strategy.  Our money managers aim to distribute financial risk by trading cryptocurrencies and gold in a sustainable manner.

Register to a free cryptocurrency webinar, amass a ton of knowledge and find out how you can secure a stable 6 to 12% yearly return on your managed crypto investments.

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    Opening an Account and Claiming What's Yours

At InvestintoCrypto there are four account types to choose from: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.  Browse here.
  • Gold

First min. deposit is 100,000 EUR or USD. Leverage 1:20, 1.0 pip spreads. Min. lots 2.0 Avg. execution speed of 0.1 secs by market 8% performance fees. No commissions and quarterly withdrawal.
  • Silver

First min. deposit is 50,000 EUR or USD. Leverage 1:20, 2.0 pip spreads. Min. lots 1.5 Avg. execution speed of 0.1 secs by market 8% performance fees. No commissions and half a year withdrawal
  • Bronze

First min. deposit is 25,000 EUR or USD. Leverage 1:20, 3.0 pip spreads. Min. lots 1.0 Avg. execution speed of 0.1 secs by market 8% performance fees. No commissions and half a year withdrawal
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