The Blockchain Reality

Inevitable Blockchain Future

In December 2016, the Federal Reserve released a research paper on distributed ledgers.  It highlighted, that “Distributed Ledger Technologies have the potential to drive change to the financial market structure in ways that take advantage of it”, implying that right now October 2017 blockchain technology is long in implementation and that by 2019 would definitely be the only way to communicate financially as banks diversify to remain competitive in an evolving financial blockchain universe.

Role of XRP in the Economy

Many industry leaders have praised Bitcoin, its scale-ability, purpose and value, referring to it as electronic or cryptocurrency gold.  In recent developments, it seems that XRP is what we will potentially call the golden currency, just like the dollar is right now.  XRP has no humble beginnings, it is all great minds and massive support.  There are over a hundred institutions now on the Ripple Network, the transition has began – now’s your turn, it’s the best time to invest into crypto.  Contact us today.

Weakening Financial Infrastructures

In recent years, the interconnected economies of the US and EU, have allowed themselves to print (quantitative ease) a lot of money.  What would otherwise be unreasonable in the past, is a norm today.

People distrust their own governments. The economies of EU and US are bound to face volatility as new trade deals, partnerships and alliances shape a political and economic multi polar world.

History books, offer the living, a reflection of cycles and crises.  People have not learned from the Leehman collapse and history is bound to repeat itself – the long cycle theory.  We are all on the edge.

It seems that the new political strategy is to tax and write-off trillions  by transitioning to cryptocurrency liberalization.  What is certain, is that blockchain will enslave and free billions of people.  Which one are you?

Bitcoin Market Acceptance

The IMF has already began considering cryptocurrencies as legal digital tender because they are faster, safer and more transparent, and it is only a matter of time before SWIFT becomes obsolete.  Worldwide, many countries are in implementation.  The year ahead of us, 2018, will definitely be a year of change as society embraces this new money.

Here are some of the upcoming events in 2018.  The future will sweep the present so fast that the ground beneath will transform and give way to new millionaires and billionaires.  The opportunity to participate in wealth distribution is here and now.

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