Mixed Messages in the Crypto Space

First Bitcoin Documentary in China

Recently, the 2017 Shape the Future summit was held in Hong Kong, hosted by Bitkan.  The event had more than 80 enterprises participating, the main highlight being the first ever Bitcoin Documentary in China.  The documentary was about how Bitcoin came into existence and the diverse roadblocks that it had to go past to get market acceptance. The documentary offered a balance perspective on the pros and cons, highlighting that the future seems decentralized.  Truth, it’s never easy.

Leaders Unclear on Stance

Who knows what is going to happen?  It just seems that there is too much noise to make a sound investment at this time.  One month feels like a year in the cryptocurrency space.  As it seems, all players will contradict themselves whilst it serves their purpose of volatility.  Ray Dalio of Bridgewater claims its a CryptoCurrency bubble, Larry Fink of BlackRock is a cautious believer, CEO of JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon claims it is a fraud, despite the company continuing to help clients purchase CryptoCurrency.

The Road to Digitization of Finance

The East has been diversifying for a long time, and it is to diversify further.  No matter the crackdown on ICO’s, the exchange hacks, the manipulation, when time is upon us, only value will remain, you can be sure of that, BRICS will make sure of it.  AIIB, Shanghai Cooperation and the Eurasian Economic Union are but a few examples of how the East has been resisting the Western ideals of a New World Order.

Countries like Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Syria,  CIS and many more, have felt the endless political pressure from the United States, and in the last several years have created alternative credit agencies, international monetary funds, institutions of standardization and trade, and generally have shifted focus to local currency settlements and tightening bilateral relations.

You see, the noise doesn’t really matter, it’s the bigger picture.  Moscow and Astana, after a row of negativity, announced that they are launching national centralized CryptoCurrencies.  Pandoras Box or calculated Risk? It is about the bigger picture, it’s about the long term – economic liberty.

CryptoCurrency is a Long Haul

It took the East more than 50 years to catch up to the modern standards of the West.  So where are we reasonably left now?  All debt in the West and all capital in the East.  The US market still dominates but that’s as long as the dollar remains the world currency.  Once countries diversify to alternative currencies there won’t be need for the dollar.  This possess implications beyond comprehension.  An Armageddon of a Debt Bubble.

This bubble will burst till 2021 and when it does it will be brutal.  Leverage traders beware, swaps and sheer volatility make CryptoCurrencies a short term investment, the unexperienced, don’t bother, it’s pure gambling, your safer hiring a money manager who handles Risk like a Boss or no one at all.  Alternatively you can always buy the actual currency on any reputable exchange and store it over a long period of time.  Don’t hesitate to ask us for consultation, it’s our duty to inform and digitally liberate you.

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