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The internet unlocked a Pandora’s box.  Since inception of the internet, much of life has changed.  Technology has propelled mankind past what was thought possible merely a few years back and yet progress and reform (otherwise – regulation) frightens everyone.  Human beings are usually scared of what they don’t know, in the case of cryptocurrency they are justifiably scared.  Who has ever heard of electronic money?  Could the whole system be compromised?  Well, presumably no it cannot.  This new technology is nothing more than a cryptographic serial number in a public ledger, whereas everyone who holds that specific currency has access to the history of transactions.  No central authority, no lobbying, and no more exploitation.
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    A Valid Vision

A vision of liberalized finance is no science fiction.  A vision of a world where payments travel as fast as information is a valid vision – because it’s been proven to work.  Bitcoin was only the beginning – now it’s what we make it.
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    A Reasonable Hope

The cryptocurrency community, fundamentally aspires for one result, and one result only; a reasonable hope and expectation that people will keep believing and with it driving volume and value of cryptocurrencies.
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    A Distributed Opportunity

This might be the only time in history where the middle class has the ability to take control over the over valued, over inflated, over printed currencies that are – the ability to financially free themselves against all odds.

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